The Public Sector as an Energy Efficiency Innovator

Rules and commitments constitute a challenge to public sector actors: energy use must be made more efficient and thereby cut greenhouse gas emissions. The public sector administration has also to have a strong trailblazing role in energy saving.

In order to carry out an upgrade in comprehensive energy use there have to be active practical measures and collaboration between the various administrative municipalities. The best results in energy savings are achieved by sustained cooperation. In addition to a better quality of environment, more efficient energy use will give municipalities clear cost savings.

Making energy use more efficient and cutting emissions are a strong and visible indication of the commitment by a municipality or municipal grouping to action on reducing environmental impacts.

Intensifying energy use efficiency

Energy use needs to be made efficient in all activities of the public sector. The energy management of premises, attention to energy efficiency in procurements and transport and community planning are a step towards the comprehensive intensification of energy efficiency.

Bringing energy education to school teaching programs

Integrating energy education into school teaching programs is also an important part of creating the bases of comprehensive sustainable development, with energy use efficiency as one aspect of it.

Page last updated 19.8.2015