Projects in the Transport Sector

This section of the website describes projects related to transportation in which Motiva is or has been involved. The web pages of completed projects are no longer actively updated, but they contain useful information on these projects and their results. Links are included to downloadable PDF files of related reports and other useful documents.

Active Projects

  • VTT (The Technical Research Centre of Finland) is running the five-year TransEco Research Programme (2009-2013), which aims to enhance the energy efficiency of road traffic in Finland, develop technologies that reduce emissions, and commercialise the resultant developments. The development of electric and hybrid cars is a major element of the programme.
  • The momo project is a demonstration project supported by the European Union through the Intelligent Energy Europe programme and momo stands for more options for energy efficient mobility through Car-Sharing. The momo project life time is 36 month from 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2011.

Finished Projects

  • The RASTU project (2006-2008) aimed to improve safety, environmental impacts and new technologies for heavy-duty vehicles, by building on the results of the earlier HD Energia project, which was run by VTT over the years 2003-2005 to improve the energy efficiency of heavy duty vehicles.
  • The HD Energia research project (2003-2005) – Improving energy efficiency in heavy-duty vehicles. Over the period 2003-2005 The Technical Reseach Centre of Finland (VTT) led an extensive research project designed to improve the energy efficiency of heavy-duty road vehicles so as to achieve permanent fuel savings of 5-10%.
  • The INTERACTION project (International Transport and Energy Reduction Action 2006-2008) was conducted under the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme, aiming to encourage transport companies to reduce their costs, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions cost-effectively.
  • A project examining the storage of heat and cooling energy in vehicle phase change material (PCM) accumulators was run by VTT over the period 2006-2008.
  • More information: VTT, Senior Research Scientist Pertti Kauranen, phone +358 20 722 3575,
  • The Treatise Project (2005-2007) involved the provision of training on energy use in transportation for energy offices and other local and regional actors.

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