Paying attention to energy efficiency in procurements refers to energy efficiency in the processes and equipment needed in production, as well as to the energy efficiency of raw materials used and the production of energy and services.

Tools for making energy efficient procurements

Equipment procurements

Making the most energy efficient choice when procuring equipment is to some extent the best solution in the long run, regardless of the high investment, in economic terms and from the perspective of environmental burden.

In an enterprise, it is worth paying attention to energy efficiency using procurement guidelines. In drawing up such guidelines use can be made of public sector procurement guidelines and tools (link in right sidebar).

Energy procurements

When an enterprise opts for environmentally friendly alternatives in making electricity procurements and heating production, it can have a appreciable impact on the CO2-emissions and other environmental effects caused by production activity, while not reducing energy use.

Material efficiency

The use of materials can constitute directly or indirectly up to over half of an enterprise’s changing costs, regardless of its sector. The private sector should focus attention on the systematic optimization of the use of materials. This will succeed best using a material efficiency audit carried out with specialist support.

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