Make a Difference with What You Buy

Be mindful when buying home appliances

Electrical appliances are responsible for about 30% of home electricity consumption. The decisions you make when buying an appliance has long-range effects, because its use costs may increase and become even greater than the purchasing price.

It’s best only to buy electrical appliances that are needed. Many devices can be rented or borrowed. If you decide to buy an appliance, look for quality, durability, environmentally friendly materials and energy efficiency.

Compare energy efficiency, learn the operating instructions

Officially supervised energy and environmental labelling provide comparative information on the energy efficiency of appliances. You can ensure a good and energy economical buy by knowing already in advance about an appliance’s energy consumption and characteristics.

With the choice you make you can send a message to the retailer, manufacturer and electricity producer about the necessity of paying attention to energy efficiency and the environment.

Familiarise yourself carefully with the operating instructions. They give detailed information on the possibilities for energy saving, as well as tips and guidance that will help you use the appliance reliably and safely. By installing, using and maintaining the appliance correctly you will increase its lifespan.

TopTen Finland helps you choose

The internet based TopTen Finland search tool is designed for consumers. It lists energy efficient appliances and products that are on the market. The service covers over 10 product groups. Among home appliances there are refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines. Small appliances too will soon be added to the groups of products.

In Finland the TopTen Finland selection criteria are deliberated about by the Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs, the Association of Automobile Importers in Finland, the Home Electronics Association, the Consumers, Motiva Ltd, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the World Wildlife Fund Finland.

Page last updated 14.8.2015