A Wind Atlas for Finland

Finland’s new Wind Atlas consists of a web-based map interface based on detailed surveys and related modelling of wind conditions around the country. The atlas enables users to find out about local wind conditions in any part of Finland.

The atlas has been produced for the Ministry of Employment and the Economy by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and its contractors, coordinated by Motiva.

Accurate details of nationwide wind conditions

The atlas aims to provide highly detailed information on wind strengths, directions and turbulence at altitudes from 50 to 400 metres in terms of annual and monthly averages. Wind conditions are mapped for grid squares of resolution 2.5x2.5 km. Along coasts and in other windy areas models are even more detailed, with a resolution of 250 metres. More detailed modelling results will also be published at a later date.

Complex calculations conducted by supercomputer

Tuulen keskinopeus – vuosi 260p
Average wind speeds (m/s) in Finland at
altitudes of 100 metres, with a resolution of 2.5 x 2.5 km.
The maps used in the Wind Atlas of Finland have been produced with the help of the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s supercomputer, which has enough capacity to process the masses of data available from different localities.

Finland’s wind atlas is more comprehensive and detailed than similar map series produced by other countries. Data has been compiled for more than a million precise locations. This represents a massive increase in data compared to the earlier atlas, which was compiled using data from just 50 weather stations.

Representative samples of wind conditions have been taken around Finland over the last 20 years to enable the modelling needed to produce the atlas. Data was chosen for modelling purposes from 72 months over the period 1989-2007. Results are presented as annual and monthly averages based on wind data modelled at three-hourly intervals.

A vital tool for planning future wind power schemes

The new wind atlas includes a dynamic map interface enabling users to assess wind conditions anywhere in Finland. A related website has been set up at www.tuuliatlas.fi to provide information for the public about wind conditions in Finland and the potential for wind power.

The Wind Atlas of Finland is a valuable tool in the context of Finland’s efforts to increase the use of renewable energy to meet national and EU targets.

The atlas is particularly an important tool for planners and firms interested in constructing wind power plants. The atlas enables planners to reserve areas that are highly suitable for wind power generation in regional and local land use plans. This practice had not previously been widespread, due to a lack of information about the locations of favourable sites.

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